26 June 2009

Fuerteventura 6: Morro Jable, Playa de Sotavento

Day 5 was a long but wonderful day. We started without breakfast (!) around 7 a.m. as there was a long drive ahead of us to the other side of the island, its southernmost tip. We breezed past Puerto del Rosario, across the inland and reached the sea again around Tarajalejo. From there the relatively empty road took us past Costa Calma towards the biggest resort town in the south, Morro Jable, where we stopped and stretched our legs. The place has a wide avenue with palm trees lined with numerous hotels on one side and the beach on the other.

There is a wide belt of salt marshes between the town and the beach with a wooden walkway leading across it and to a white lighthouse.

The lighthouse with the hotels of Morro Jable in the background.

From the lighthouse there is another walkway across the sand. Poor tourists can't walk on sand, it gets into their fancy shoes, so let's help them with this path! :p The walkway, btw, wobbles really badly and it's very easy to lose balance.

Soon we were bored with the urban beach, so we headed back north along the shore to find a perfect sandy beach with turquoise water. The landscape on the way was out of this world.

And there it was, a couple of kilometers off the main road, our perfect beach.

The whole stretch of the shore, known as Playa de Sotavento, is a popular windsurfing spot.

There is a dune on the beach with nice views of the area.

There were a few people on the beach but as it is so long it appears almost deserted.

The residues of some black stuff leaves interesting patterns in the sand.

The tidal action is also very intriguing. When the tide comes in, it floods vast areas of the sandy beach, creating different tidepools each time.

Just sitting on the beach, watching windsurfers glide past can occupy you for hours.

To be continued ...


Pika said...

Ana, kaj naj rečem?! Dolgo me ni bilo na nobenih blogih; še svojega nisem pisala. Moram pogledat, kaj sem "zamudila" pri tebi. Čudovite fotografije. Se sploh ne morem odločit, katera mi je ljubša. Aja, uživaj!!!

Ana said...

Hojla Pika, te pa res nekaj časa ni bilo naokoli. :) Ti kar lepo počasi, fotke ne bojo nikamor ušle. Sicer pa uživam, ja, doma v mrazu in dežju. :)))

Luka said...

"black stuff" in fisheye plaža sta mi najjači! Go Ana go!

Jaz pa na morje ta vikend, mogoče mi uspe Rovinj pofotkat...