21 June 2009

Fuerteventura 5: Desert Sunrise, Around El Cotillo

Sunrises proved to be not that spectacular at all. There were mists in the air making the sun very weak until it rose high above the horizon. Of course, we didn't know that until we tried our luck in the Corralejo desert. :)

The road leading from Corralejo to the south along the eastern coast looks something like this. Great surface but high shoulders, which make it impossible to stop anywhere but at designated parking spots.

In the afternoon we explored the area around El Cottilo, which we had seen a glimpse of the day before. Our first stop was Majanicho, a hamlet of maybe a dozen houses.

The area in the northern part of Fuerteventura is arid (no surprise there) and a few volcanic hills can be seen in the distance.

The only green thing we saw was this cactus ...

... with pretty long thorns.

At the northwestern tip of the island near El Cotillo there is a red and white lighthouse called Faro del Tostón. The bay next to it offers a number of small coves with calm waters, perfect for swimming.

There is also a museum, but it was closed when we were there.

El Cotillo is marked by impressive cliffs and sand beaches that extend toward the horizon.

As almost any place we visited it was deserted. Well, almost deserted. I think I saw a few people strolling along the shore. :)

Cliffs in the distance.

Another great day was over and we sped back to Corralejo to catch dinner. We got there at the last minute! :)

To be continued ...


bostopor said...

Odlične kot ponavadi :)

Luka said...

Ok now this is too much! looking at your photos i just wanna jump to the airport and fly to Fuerteventura! Thats not fair Ana!

Ana said...

Sandi: hvala! ;)

Luka, ne se hecat, samo poglej, po kakšnih norih krajih pa ti hodiš! :p