25 February 2008

Blejski Vintgar Gorge

Blejski Vintgar Gorge in the winter? Why not? :)
Well, the path through the gorge is actually closed, and after ignoring the 'no entry' sign and spending one hour there, I know why. I almost got killed a few times by the falling icicles! The footbridges were slippery in places, but at least I could take photos with a tripod as there were virtually no people around. Actually, I did meet a few other 'trespassers' and they were all foreign tourists! Needless to say, they all loved the place.

I was pleasantly surprised there were so many red leaves left from the fall. They made for a nice addition to the otherwise bleak wintry brownish surroundings.
More photos here.

14 February 2008

A winter morning in Bohinj

I needed to take a really good photo for an on-going photo contest on one of the photography forums. As landscapes are my strong suit, I chose Bohinj, the ever beautiful jewel amidst the Julian Alps. After getting up in the middle of the night I drove there and was met by a not so beautiful sunrise, or should I say no sunrise at all as there were clouds in the east.

Realizing there would be no dramatic sweeping views, I concentrated on the reflections:

Mildly disappointed and freezing I headed to a nearby hotel for a cup of coffee. An hour later or so when most of the clouds had dissipated, I returned to the lake and began taking photos with more fervor.

And the photo I entered into the contest was this one. It made it into top ten and got me into the grand finale. :)