30 September 2010

In the woods

No long story this time, just a few photos from yesterday's mushroom picking trek through the woods. :) Yes, we did get enough edible mushrooms for a few meals. Mushroom risotto was yummy today!

26 September 2010

An afternoon hike to Velika planina

After long four months of abstinence from one of my favorite places I climbed Velika planina again. It was just a quick afternoon hike from Kisovec to Zeleni rob, but it was invigorating! Most cattle had already been taken back to the valley, so no soured milk for us; however, crazily beautiful sky and clouds more than made up for the lack of the usual treat.

17 September 2010

Mokrice Castle

I don't go to southeastern Slovenia very often and when an opportunity presented itself, I gladly took it. We didn't have much spare time - the main reason for this trip was a business meeting - but we managed to see Mokrice Castle and have a stroll around the estate. We also found out that golf is not such an easy sport. A few attempts at swinging the club proved that the whole thing wasn't as simple as it looks on TV!

11 September 2010

Two lakes

I was hoping for some nice warm weather after returning from Asia, but late August was unusually cold and rainy and so was the beginning of September. When the skies finally cleared and the temperatures crawled over 20 degrees Celsius again two days ago, it was time to go exploring. I'd never been to Gradišče Lake (Gradiško jezero) near Lukovica before. It was too late in the afternoon for good pictures and the clouds obscured the sun most of the time, but we walked around it (4.2 km) anyway. I had no idea this was bear territory! An ideal place for jogging, too.

The following day we headed to Bled to climb Ojstrica and Osojnica above the lake.

More photos here.