29 March 2010


Pokljuka is one of those places that I keep returning to regardless of the season and weather. Admittedly, these photos are a few months old, but they are still winter photos, taken on a particularly moody day: the sun, puffy clouds and an ominous dark mass obscuring the sky, all in a matter of hours. :)

In the morning, the sky was perfect blue with very picturesque puffy streaks.

From the south, though, layers of grey clouds started to hide the sun.

Soon there was drama in the sky! Perfect time for HDRs. ;)

The sun never reappeared that day.

Famous Pokljuka forests and some PS work. ;)

25 March 2010

Spring skiing

Being in a temporary photographic black hole I have to resort to posting snapshots from my skiing trips taken with a compact camera. :) These are from last week, too, but the weather wasn't as nice as two days later.

This was probably the last day with some snow left in the valley. Btw, the town in the background is Kranj.

Storžič, the Košuta range and Kočna.

Ominous clouds above Kočna and Grintovec.

Kriška planina.

Velika planina.

My favorite training hill, Kamniški vrh, from a different perspective! :)

The TV tower.

17 March 2010

Above the sea of clouds

With the weather forecast promising blue skies in the mountains there was only one thing to do: let's go skiing! I was a bit disappointed when I got up in the morning and the sky was overcast, but after checking the webcam on Krvavec we didn't hesitate. We drove to Kriška planina to avoid having to take the cable car, and we broke the layer of clouds at about 1100 meters. After that it was pure joy. The sun was shining, there was no wind and the pistes were to die for. They hadn't been groomed that well for quite a while, at least on all of my visits in the last few years.
As on most of my recent skiing trips I didn't lug my equipment with me, just a small compact camera. I think I'm getting lazy. :)

05 March 2010

Skiing on Velika planina

When I'm not in the mood for a long drive to a ski resort, I tend to choose Velika planina, like I did last Saturday. The weather couldn't be better: sunny and warm, but the snow stayed firm until 1 p.m., which made for great skiing, plus there were so few skiers I had to check again whether it was a weekend or a weekday. Long story short, I was more than happy at the end of the day.

01 March 2010

Španov vrh

After almost two weeks of a nasty cold I was in a state of bliss to be able to go out and get some fresh air. Finally! My friends decided to ski at Španov vrh for a few hours, but wanting different exercise I hiked to the top instead. The climb and the descent gave me enough opportunities to take photos, and surprisingly, the exertion and exhilaration of the hike were more important to me than pictures that day.