14 December 2007

Zbilje Lake and Jamnik

On November 1 the weather was glorious - sunny and warm. It was All Saints' Day, but it would almost be a sin to only visit the local cemetery so I decided to go and take a few photos of the fall foliage.
First I drove to Zbilje Lake, which glistened yellow and orange.

After driving around for a while I ended up on Jamnik, a hill rising above the town of Kropa which has spectacular views of Gorenjska, the Kamnik Alps and the Karavanke range. And the chapel there is very photogenic too. :)

More photos here.

06 December 2007

Frosty morning

One morning last week I looked out the window in the morning and saw a magical sight: everything was covered in frost and sun rays were fighting to penetrate the mists. I grabbed my camera and walked to the fields behind my apartment building. Ah, advantages of living in a small town! :))

More photos here.

01 December 2007

Around Kamnik on a fall day

Most leaves had fallen. The red carpets in the woods moved from the canopies to the ground. Lone exceptions make your eyes go wide though, such as a bright green fern surrounded by fading orange maple leaves, or a few yellow leaves that haven't abandoned their branches yet.

And then a short hike to the top of Stari grad above Kamnik revealed even more fall colors:

The views were fantastic, as usual. The later it got, the sweeter the light was.

More photos here.