25 July 2007


The whole Slovenia was taking photos last night when after a long heat wave relief came in the form of dark clouds, rain storms and, finally, rainbows all over the place.
At first I didn't notice what was going on outside, but when I did look out the window, it left me speechless. The light was phenomenal, yellowish, then pink and orange. I was too late to go out and drive somewhere with a nice foreground, so I just took a few photos from my apartment window.

22 July 2007

Night beach photos

When it's too hot during the day, you wait for the night to fall before you start taking pictures. The beach is not so crowded, the light is better and the breeze is to die for! After getting what you came for (the photos, supposedly) there's nothing better than laying down on the pebbles, watching the stars appear in the sky and listening to the waves. And maybe something else ... ;)