07 November 2012

First snow in Kamnik

After having a very warm October and hardly any fall colors, it snowed at the end of the month. While I love snow, I wasn't too thrilled about not having any autumn! :) But, to capture the unusual sight of green trees covered with snow I hiked the nearby Špica hill one afternoon to get some views of Kamnik. The views were foggy and the trail was slippery, and what I came away with were some cool pics and a bruised rib from a sudden fall when returning.

The road was ... interesting, to say the least!
There was a lot of leaves and even broken branches on the road to Stari grad hill.

Fog enveloped the hill I was headed to.
A hint of fall colors mixed with snow and fog

Lots of broken branches due to heavy wet snow.
There was a lot of leaves and even broken branches on the road to Stari grad hill.

The trail was extremely muddy and slippery.
The trail was muddy and slippery as hell.

Fall colors? :)
Most trees were still green.

The fog descended upon Kamnik and the sun only peeked through occasionally for a few seconds.
Views of Kamnik from Špica hill.

On the way down I was passed by a jogger.
A jogger.

Just as I reached the road again, the sun reappeared in this spectacular display of red glow.
Last minutes before the sunset were spectacular!

The rib still hurts more than a week later.

19 August 2012

Glencoe, Scotland

Scotland is on the itinerary of every self-respecting traveler. :) I was there many years ago, in the summer, and this March I was lucky enough to revisit, partly for work, partly for pleasure. While early spring is a nice time to travel as there aren't many tourists around, it can also get a bit tricky to find accommodation in some remote parts as B&Bs are simply not open!

I'll start with Glencoe - a wonderful glen in the Scottish Highlands.

Rannoch Moor in the morning

Every photographer wants to take a shot from this place with Buachaille Etive Mor and the Etive river in the foreground:
Buachaille Etive Mor and the Etive river

A house in Glencoe:

A lake with reeds:

Green (well, not really green yet as it was only March) mountains:
Slopes of the Three Sisters

My little Audi was a lot of fun to drive:
Waiting for the sunset at Glen Etive

In the valley of Glen Etive I hardly met any other people:
By the river in Glen Etive

After waiting for the sunset for over an hour my Scottish friend and coworker Alastair and I were rewarded with this view over Rannoch Moor:
Rannoch Moor at sunset

To be continued...

04 May 2012

Velika planina and crocuses

The spring has come, but there is still snow high in the mountains. The white Kamnik Alps provided a beautiful backdrop when hiking on the purple carpet of crocuses on Velika planina.

A glorious afternoon hiking on Velika planina

Mt. Ojstrica and the chapel


The shepherd village of Velika planina

At the very top, 1,666 meters above sea level

Kamnik in the distance



Carpet of crocuses

Crocuses at sunset

At sunset

At sunset

Panorama after sunset

Is it obvious why I love returning to this place so much? :)

29 April 2012

Rollerblading around Zalog and Cerklje

My first rollerblading trip took me from Zalog through the villages along the peaceful country roads below Mt. Krvavec to Cerklje and back to a nearby pond. The weather was great: sunny and warm, and I only wished there were puffy white clouds in the sky to make it even more picturesque. :) All in all, good exercise combined with some cool photos made for a great Friday afternoon.

Freshly ploughed fields

Mt. Kočna and Grintovec are still snow-capped while the valley is already green and in bloom.

Along the road

Dusty fields

Fields full of dandelions

Oilseed rape fields

Oilseed rape fields below Mt. Krvavec

Mt. Kočna hiding behind hills

Sunset at a pond

I have to say this was a great beginning of the rollerblading season! :)

20 March 2012

Mardi Gras in Cirkulane and Markovci

This year I finally made it to eastern Slovenia to see the local celebration of the carnival - or Mardi Gras. There were many masks, but the most impressive were "kurenti", masks with sheep skin, bells around the waist and a huge head covering:

Mardi Gras in Cirkulane

Mardi Gras in Cirkulane

Mardi Gras in Cirkulane

Mardi Gras in Cirkulane

Mardi Gras in Markovci

Mardi Gras in Markovci

Mardi Gras in Markovci

Mardi Gras in Markovci

17 February 2012

Amsterdam in January

I spent four days in Amsterdam this January. The trip was for work and I caught a bad cold there, but I managed to take a few quick pics. It's a great place and I gotta go back soon.

Boat houses:
Boat houses in Amsterdam

Near the Central Station:
Amsterdam streets

Old Church reflection:
Old Church in Amsterdam reflected in a canal

Typical Amsterdam:
Amsterdam canals

Amsterdam houses reflected in a canal

Fresh mint tea:
Famous fresh mint tea in Amsterdam

Amsteram at sunset:
Amsterdam at sunset

After sunset:
Amsterdam at the blue hour

The canals are now frozen, I am told! :)
West Church (Westerkerk) in Amsterdam at the blue hour

Amsterdam at the blue hour

Amsterdam at the blue hour

West Church during the blue hour:
West Church (Westerkerk) in Amsterdam at the blue hour

More photos here.