29 December 2006

Midnight mass in the mountains

There is a midnight mass held every Christmas in a chapel on Velika planina mountain. People hike there and it's wonderful to see the procession of torches and lamps moving through the night.
This is what it was like around the chapel: The mountain huts, light pollution from the valley and a passer's-by headlamp:

It was very windy and I had to put all my weight on the tripod to push it to the ground, but still most of the photos turned out blurry.
There was fog in the valley below and those red and orange patches are citylights penetrating through the fog:

Some more photos here.

Island Krk in the fall

A sight of a beautiful beach which is deserted on a sunny day seems quite odd, doesn't it? Well, the day in question was in late October, with wind and temperatures that aren't exactly suitable for sunbathing or even swimming. It was a lovely sight nevertheless.

After sunset I took some photos around the old village of Stara Baška.

It's interesting to spend a weekend at the seaside after the throngs of tourists and beachgoers have gone. See the rest of the photos here.

Fall colors on Vršič and Mangart passes

In late October fall colors were at their best. We drove to Kranjska Gora and over the Vršič pass to Bovec. This is what we saw:

River Pišnica near Kranjska Gora:
Panoramic view on the road to the Vršič pass:
Another Vršič panorama:
When returning, we took a detour to the Mangart pass, the highest road in Slovenia. It goes as high as 2050 meters above sea level. We were on top just in time to catch the sunset:

Sunset and mists in the valley below the Mangart pass:
As usual, it is impossible to describe the whole day trip in a couple of pictures, so the rest can be found here.

Fog through a fisheye lens

I borrowed a fisheye lens from a friend and spend a day taking photos of fog. Sounds exciting, huh? :)

I do think some good photos came out of this photo-shoot. If you want, see the rest here.

06 December 2006

Some rust and a sunset

I dug out a few photos I took this October but never had the time to post-process until yesterday. I only had a couple of hours before sunset and first headed to an old dam with lots of rusty things to photograph. Then I climbed the Stari grad hill above Kamnik and enjoyed a lovely fall sunset.

The view from Stari grad:

Some weird-shaped clouds after the sunset:

The rest of the photos are here.

04 December 2006

Fog and frost on Mt. Krvavec

The first December Sunday was quite miserable: cloudy and gloomy. I didn't kick myself out of the apartment until 1:30pm, but the trip I had decided to take was worth every minute of it. Mt. Krvavec is a popular ski resort in the winter and a popular hiking destination. There was a lot of fog and a lot of frost.

The rest of the photos are here.

First snow

Finally the temperatures dropped a little and first snow fell in the mountains.
My trip began before the sunrise and involved a lot of picture-taking and even some hiking.

Sunrise on the mountain tops:

Lake Bohinj and morning mist:

Planina Jezero above Lake Bohinj:

Planina Zajamniki, the highest Slovenian "street":

The rest of the photos are here.

Red maple leaves

The fall was indeed a warm and long one, but I was nevertheless late in taking photos of my garden before all leaves fell from the trees. The maple tree was again in wonderful colors which almost hurt my eyes.

Due to the unusually high temperatures the plants thought it was spring again.

The rest of the photos are here.