25 January 2007

Last winter's snow

This winter is weird. Warm temperatures, no snow ... it sucks. I mean, it's nice to walk around in a light jacket instead of three sweaters, a thick coat and gloves. And I certainly don't miss slush. But such weather is clearly an indication that there's something seriously wrong with our planet.
To end the rant, we had our first snow today, yay! It's so nice to wake up to the whiteness outside. I can't wait to go out and take some photos this weekend. In the mean time, some snowy piccies from last winter will have to do.

These were taken in a span of maybe one or two hours. The light changed so quickly! From grey to blue to violet to orange. It was unbelieveable! It was also quite cold and I got wet from trudging through the snow. It was all worth it though. ;)
The rest of the photos are here.

21 January 2007

Hiking in the Košuta area

It only took me four months to post-process photos from a hike I did last fall. :)
On a sunny September day, I decided to climb a few peaks in the Košuta mountain range above Tržič. Early in the morning I drove to Planina Šija:

On my way to the first peak, Kofce gora, I noticed how smoggy the valley was, even though it looked like it was sunny:

From the top, the trees looked so tiny:

My heart was singing and I kept stopping to take more photos:

A different panoramic view from the top ;)

Among the rocks, small red plants basked in the sun:

There are areas of the grassy slopes that are covered with heather:

The trail continues on the crest to Košutnikov turn, but I had to head back to the valley and home:

The hike was exhilarating! Breathtaking views all around and hardly any people around, which is great if you like solitude in the mountains - I know I do. Highly recommended!
The trip is described in more detail and with more photos here.

11 January 2007

Climbing Triglav in 2003

I dug out some more old photos, this time from a climb I did with a friend in September 2003. We ascended Mt. Triglav, the highest Slovenian mountain. These are some of the photos from that two-day hike:

We had a great time, apart from the crowds! Half of Slovenia seemed to be up there! ;)
Some more photos with the description of the hike is here.

Boys will be boys

At my aunt Nataša's birthday party I took a few photos of my cousin's three sons. They were restless to say the least :) , but I did manage to capture this:


I even persuaded aunt Bojana to let me take a couple of photos of her:

Some other portraits can be found here.

08 January 2007

Sunrise mist

I'm having fun with some of my old photos. I haven't put them in my Photo Journal yet - for now I'm just playing with them in Photoshop.
They were taken a couple of years ago from a hill of St. Ana south of Ljubljana, depicting the Barje moorland in the early morning mist. First the mist was white, but as soon as the sun appeared from behind the horizon, the mist turned warm orange and red.

Even if you find it very hard to get up before sunrise, views like these are definitely worth it, aren't they? :)