24 November 2013

Misty sunset from above Kamnik

I often climb the Špica hill above Kamnik, especially in the late afternoon to get in a nice sunset on top of some exercise. :) One day in early November the so-so day turned into an amazing orange-purple misty sunset.

Kamnik Alps from Špica hill in the late afternoon

Kamnik Alps from Špica hill in the late afternoon

Kamnik Alps from Špica hill in the late afternoon

Views from Špica hill in the late afternoon: St. Ana church in Tunjice and Mt. Triglav in the background

Views from Špica hill at sunset with mists in the valley

Views of Kamnik from Špica hill at sunset with mists in the valley

A paraglider gliding into the sunset from Špica hill

With the paraglider gliding into the post-sunset valley, I packed my little camera and ran down the hill.

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10 November 2013

Golden larches on Slemenova špica

It's probably been over 15 years since I last hiked to Slemenova špica, a panoramic peak with great views of Mt. Mojstrovka and Mt. Jalovec in the Julian Alps. It boasts many larches that blaze in yellow and orange hues in the fall. I decided for an afternoon hike to catch the warm late afternoon sun.

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17 October 2013

The magic world of Joshua Tree NP

As soon as I knew I would be in Southern California this summer, I decided to visit Joshua Tree National Park. From the first time that I saw those peculiar trees and funny shaped rocks many years ago, I knew I wanted to visit it one day. Arriving in the early afternoon, I first drove around all major sights before making the final decision where to be for the sunset.

Photobomb! :)
Photobomb in Joshua Tree NP

Joshua Tree NP

Cholla Cactus Garden:
Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree NP

Cholla Cactus Garden, Joshua Tree NP

Panorama from the Keys View with Salton Sea in the background:
Looking south toward Salton Sea from Keys View, Joshua Tree NP

Skull Rock:
Scull Rock, Joshua Tree NP

Giants Marbles:
Giant Marbles, Joshua Tree NP

Just before sunset:
Sunset in Joshua Tree NP

Waiting for the sunrise:
Before sunrise, Joshua Tree NP

Sunrise in Joshua Tree NP

Sunrise in Joshua Tree NP

Oh yes, I will return.

You can see more photos in the gallery here.

20 September 2013

At the beach in Stara Baška and Punat

I love the sea. I love the beach. I love the salty sea air. I'd spend three months a year at the seaside if I could. Sadly, I haven't really spent much time at the beach in the past few years for various reasons. This year it wasn't until September that we could finally take the time and head to one of our favorite destinations, Island Krk in Croatia. We traveled with our half-made camper van and based ourselves at the campground in Stara Baška but drove to a desolate beach near Punat almost every day. I still had to work, but I got to lie on the beach every day, swim, relax, do crosswords and sudoku, and I actually read 4 books! Bliss. These 9 days weren't about photography at all, but I had my little camera with me almost everywhere and snapped away when the mood struck.

Arriving at our destination - Stara Baška:

Late afternoon on the beach at the Stara Baška campground:

Waiting for the sunset:

The desolate beach near Punat, and finally some serious drama in the sky!

View of the Punat Bay with a small island in the middle:

It was raining almost every night, and the clouds got quite ominous a few times during the day, too:

View of the Punat Bay:

Our campground:

The hills behind the village of Stara Baška:

At the Stara Baška pier for sunset:

Pink sky above Stara Baška:

I think I'll go back before the summer is completely over. ;)

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04 September 2013

A little bit of California

I spent a month in the USA this summer; mostly for work, but I did take a one-week road trip from San Diego to San Francisco. I'm still processing the photos, and these are just a few teasers:

Crystal Pier in San Diego after sunset:
Crystal Pier in San Diego after sunset

Joshua Tree NP at sunrise:
Sunrise in Joshua Tree NP

Starry night at the surreal Salton Sea Beach:
Milky Way in Salton Sea Beach

Night surfers at Venice Beach:
Surfers after dusk in Venice Beach

Venice Beach:
Venice Beach

Big Sur:
Big Sur in late afternoon light

Wine country around Paso Robles:
Wine country around Paso Robles

San Francisco from Corona Heights Park:
View of San Francisco from Corona Heights Park

Hopefully the rest will follow soon. :)