29 September 2007

Kašna planina

Last Sunday I was busy with work. But in the afternoon I decided to go out for some fresh air as the weather was nice and warm and it would be a shame to spend the whole day at the computer.

Where to go? I've been to all the nearby hills, taken all the short walks around my home and driven around the scenic points many times. For a minute I thought I'd climb Velika planina (again), but in the end I thought of another great short hike in the vicinity - the Kašna planina mountain. Although practically right before my nose, it had somehow escaped my attention thus far.

I left the car near Kranjski Rak pass and started climbing the grassy slope full of blueberry bushes turning red.
After reaching the top at the altitude of about 1500 meters, the views toward the north revealed Velika planina and the Kamnik Alps in the background.
Velika planina silhouette.Kašna planina is full of small ponds from which cattle drink when on pasture here.
Grass by the pond.
It's amazing how trees are already losing their green color.
I couldn't pass up the opportunity to play with the reflections.
Kašna planina hut was already deserted - the cattle and the shepherds had left for the winter.
The Kamnik Alps in the late afternoon sun.
Mt. Skuta framed by trees.
It was a great hike, perfect if you only have a couple of hours to spare.
More photos, as usual, in my photo journal.

19 September 2007

Around Pelješac

Pelješac peninsula isn't very populated. There is one place that can be called a town, Orebić, and the rest are just small villages and tourist resorts. By tourist resorts I mean a hotel or two, a few campgrounds, and a host of houses offering private accommodation. It's a perfect place for those seeking peace and quiet.

Orebić harbor and Mt. Sveti Ilija shrouded in a dark cloud. It was a hot and humid day, but in the end it never rained.
The town beach is nothing to write home about.
The water in the harbor is very green.
Typical houses with white shutters and red roof tiles.
Lovište is a village located on the westernmost tip of the peninsula. Beyond the few houses there is a rocky beach that looked very photogenic to me. It's not that great for swimming though, unless you like getting your feet cut on the sharp rocks.
After sunset I played with the tripod and jumped up and down the rocks.
It's interesting how all the rocks are sloped in one direction.
When it got dark, I snapped a few piccies at one of the local piers.Žuljana is another village, even smaller but a bit livelier. The coast beyond the village is rocky with small coves, very idyllic and perfect if you look for privacy.
Framed by vegetation.
What followed was a fiery red sunset. It was one of those that don't happen very often, and I really didn't have much post-processing to do - the colors were really that intense.
Waterskiing into the sunset.
After hurting my eyes for a few minutes, we went to a restaurant on the beach and this is the view from the terrace. I didn't even have to get up to take this shot.One day we took a ferry to Island Korčula, which is situated directly opposite Pelješac. The water went crazy when the propelers went into reverse.
The Old Town of Korčula.
Narrow alleys of Korčula, most of them have stairs and there are lots of plants.
More photos in my photo journal.

16 September 2007

At the beach - Viganj, Croatia

I haven't had a two-week beach vacation in a while, and boy it felt good! Well, just lying on the beach for a fortnight would get a bit boring, so I explored the nearby villages, went to Island Korčula and dabbled in underwater photography. Let's focus on Viganj first.

After a few hours of driving we finally reached the Adriatic Sea near Makarska. This beach was below the road looked so peaceful and idyllic.
In Ploče we took the ferry to the peninsula of Pelješac.
On the deck I had some fun with picture-taking. Yes, I know, the shades were smudgy. :)
The pier in Trpanj, one of the small villages on Pelješac, is located right next to the riva.
The first thing we did in Viganj, our destination, was finding a room ...
... then we rushed to the beach which was basking in the after-rain, sunset light.
People came out and sat on the beach and on the piers.
A little girl was jumping up and down the beach.From the road above Viganj there are fantastic views over the village as well as Island Korčula across the channel.
Looking through the grass towards the setting sun and Korčula.
Waves after the sunset.
Hills above Viganj 1.
Hills above Viganj 2.
After a few days of heat the skies were not as clear anymore.The beach was usually full of kites and windsurfs. Viganj is namely a popular destination for windsurfers and kitesurfers as there is (almost) always wind blowing.
One of the peaceful late afternoons when activities had already died down along with the wind.
Some of the kiteboards were quite colorful.
Ominous clouds in the morning.One of the deserted beaches only accessible by boat or on foot down a steep path.
Viganj by night - not much going on, which is ideal for those who seek peace and quiet.
More photos and a travelog in my photo journal.
The next post will show my wanderings around the area.