29 April 2012

Rollerblading around Zalog and Cerklje

My first rollerblading trip took me from Zalog through the villages along the peaceful country roads below Mt. Krvavec to Cerklje and back to a nearby pond. The weather was great: sunny and warm, and I only wished there were puffy white clouds in the sky to make it even more picturesque. :) All in all, good exercise combined with some cool photos made for a great Friday afternoon.

Freshly ploughed fields

Mt. Kočna and Grintovec are still snow-capped while the valley is already green and in bloom.

Along the road

Dusty fields

Fields full of dandelions

Oilseed rape fields

Oilseed rape fields below Mt. Krvavec

Mt. Kočna hiding behind hills

Sunset at a pond

I have to say this was a great beginning of the rollerblading season! :)