28 February 2009

Sunrise in the mountains III

The sunrise and sweet light were over too quickly. The plateau of Velika planina is not that small and it takes a while to get from one end to the other. So in practice, it's impossible to cover all great spots while the sweet light lasts. The sun was rising fast, and by the time we got to the ridge of Zeleni rob, the light was already white and harsh. Nevertheless, the views of the Kamnik Alps were breathtaking, the mountains seemed to be so close! We returned via the ridge trail, had lunch at one of the huts and returned to the valley around 2 p.m. Despite low temperatures and merciless wind this was such an exhilarating hike!

26 February 2009

Sunrise in the mountains II

After witnessing the first morning light and a wonderful sunrise, we braved the chilling wind and wandered about the village of Velika planina with its picturesque cottages. Well, in reality we only saw piles of snow! Don't you just love the amount of snow we were blessed with this winter? :)

To be continued ...

P.S. The opening of my exhibition went really well. So many of my friends and family came! :) Thank you so much for your support, guys!

23 February 2009


The exhibition will be on view for one month. The opening hours are:
Tue-Fri 1-10 p.m.
Sat 5-10 p.m.

Welcome! :)

18 February 2009

Sunrise in the mountains

We set off when it was still pitch dark. Trudging through the snow and without our headlamps on we climbed the trail to the plateau of Velika planina. And after emerging from the forest we were greeted with soft bluish light announcing the dawn.

Soon the clouds turned yellow and pink.

Mt. Ojstrica and the village of Velika planina bathed in the first light.

The pink light in the east contrasted the dark trees.

Then the sun came up shyly from behind the mountain with a beautiful mozaic of clouds.

Soft and blue.

I turned around and fell in love with the pattern in the snow.

The first morning sun rays can be so magical, especially with the backdrop of dark clouds.

My friends Luka, Andrej, Črt and Alen were hard at work trying to capture the sweet light while it lasted.

The play of light was mind-boggling and laying on the ground to find a different perspective seemed like the most natural thing to do.

To be continued ...

13 February 2009

Jamnik in orange and pink

Not many words are needed here: Jamnik, the church, mountains, and late afternoon light in January. :)

06 February 2009

World Cup races in Soelden

In late October we drove to Sölden, a little village in the valley of Ötztal in western Austria to see the first alpine skiing World Cup races of the season. I don't have the right equipment to shoot races, so I focused more on the beautiful surroundings of the Rettenbach and Tiefenbach glaciers. The weather was perfect the whole weekend, sunny and just the right temperature.

People were watching the race along the ski slope.

Looking down the Rettenbach glacier:

The first run of the women's GS:

The view of the ski slope from the top was quite interesting:

Riding the skilift:

On the other side of a mountain the Tiefenbach glacier appears to be even vaster than Rettenbach:

Coming out of the shade:

There is a viewing platform with beautiful views over the surrounding mountains.

A snowmaking gun, a parking lot and a reservoir:

My shadow :)

On Sunday men raced in GS:

The winners on the podium: Didier Cuche, Daniel Albrecht and Ted Ligety:

Ted Ligety at the press conference:

I took many many more photos. Some can be seen here.