28 November 2006

Railway Museum in Ljubljana

The last couple of months have been busy and the little free time that I had was dedicated to taking photos. I'm now slowly post-processing and adding them to my photo journal. The latest photo-session was last Saturday when I visited the Railway Museum in Ljubljana. It's quite an interesting place and if you like rust and old trains, this is the place for you. I borrowed a Sigma 15mm fish-eye lens and never took it off my camera. :)

The rest of the photos are here.

16 November 2006

Lake Bohinj

Still digging through my old photos, I found this one taken at Lake Bohinj in the fall of 2004. I remember the day being cold, foggy and miserable, but at one point the sun broke through the clouds and illuminated the slope above the lake.

Some more photos can be found here.


I've been keeping an online photo journal that I try to update anytime I go out and take some decent photos. I'm quite happy with it, but it does have some shortcomings. For example, it has no homepage or front page, whatever you want to call it, where I could announce that new photos or albums have been added. I intend to create one soon, but in the mean time, this will have to do.

In the last few days, I have been digging through some old photos that were sitting on my computer, and found these:

They were taken in November 2003 with my then camera, a 3MP Canon A70. I thought they were worth running through Photoshop and posting in my journal.
You can find the rest here.