25 September 2009

More about Brana

As promised, a few more photos from my recent hike to Brana. The weather wasn't great and neither were the views, but the climb was enjoyable.

The last stretch towards Kamnisko sedlo.

From the saddle I could see the Logarska valley in fog.

As I started the ascent to Brana, clouds started to gather around Planjava ...

... and even around Brana.

At one of the climbing sections I reached the fog.

The sun was trying to penetrate the fog.

I was alone at the summit for a while ...

... only one other hiker followed. For a moment Skuta and Rinke appeared from the clouds.

Back at the hut on Kamnisko sedlo I had jota before heading down. In fog.

Larches at Pastirci are still green.

More photos here.


andrejV said...

It's been a while since my last visit. I am shivering watching these magnificent photos you made. I want to feel the wind blowing and hear the sound of leaves waving in it...and smell of pure nature. This is the desire that I get when watching them. This is what you brought to me to my new flat in Shanghai with publishing them! I appreciate and looking forward for more!
Want fancy, shiny new lens from Hong Kong for less money than in EU? I'm coming home in December...i needed any, let me know!

Ana said...

Hey Andrej, how's China treating you? :) I'm glad I bring a little bit of Slovenia to you. I'm still waiting for another post on your blog; I'm sure photos of Shanghai would be interesting for many of us.
And thanks for the offer, I'll let you know! :)