04 April 2009

Velika planina again! :)

I obviously can't get enough of Velika planina. :))) Well, what can I do? It's such a fantastic place. This time I went skiing. It used to be THE ski ground for every skier around Kamnik. The pistes are nothing to write home about, but the nature and the views are simply worth it, plus it's close to home.
I knew pictures taken in the middle of the day wouldn't be as nice as those from an early morning, but I hauled my gear with me anyway. Skiing with a heavy backpack, and off-piste at that, is an adventure, hehe!

Mt. Planjava under a cloud:

Looking towards Krvavec:

Rolling hills of Velika planina:

A cloud layer over mountains Kočna, Grintovec, Skuta and Rinke:

White plains:

Mt. Ojstrica in the afternoon sun:


andrej said...

beautiful again :-)
love the 4th, last one is a winner. still snow up there?

Ana said...

Thanks! :) Yup, there's still snow, but it's melting quickly. And the skiing season is apparently over, ski lifts don't run anymore.