30 April 2009

Spring colors of the Predel and Vršič passes II.

The first part of our road trip was behind us.
After driving through the Koritnica valley we turned left before Bovec and started up the Trenta valley. The weather started to play some tricks on me with clouds obscuring the sun from time to time. We made several short stops along the Soča river, one of the most pristine Alpine rivers in Europe, but I'll have to come back just for the photos of Soča - on this trip I simply didn't have enough time to explore various spots and play with the tripod.

Trenta is simply beautifully scenic. Many footbridges, typical architecture, green meadows and, of course, the emerald Soča.

Higher up the valley there is a monument to Dr. Julius Kugy, gazing towards his favorite mountain, Jalovec ...

... the peak of which was now shrouded in clouds.

The conditions at a higher elevation were still wintry.

Along the road to the Vršič pass a viewing platform offers great views over the Zadnja Trenta valley and the surrounding mountains.

One of the most striking rock faces in the Julian Alps for me: Veliko Špičje.

At the Vršič pass, which was just opened earlier that day, it was amazing to see the deep corridor cut into the snow.

Snow walls were high ...

... even up to 10 meters.

Interesting layers of snow on a milestone.

Driving back home we caught the last glimpses of sun rays on the mountains above Gozd Martuljek.

Mt. Kukova špica in the golden hour.

We were lucky to catch the last fine day. The following day the weather fouled up and it's been raining ever since. Just great, with the holidays and all. :(
The whole travelogue with more photos is here.


andrejV said...

Ana, as usual, great great photos. Well, I might be prejudiced because I am fan of mountains and everthing related to them.
I love Soča river and scenery around it. Unfortunately I live far away, so I don't have many opportunities to take shots like these.
You probably know, there are some quite photogenic waterwalls, worth to take few minutes or half an hour of your time...let's say Kozjak waterfall and some others...

andrejV said...

Oh, by the way, which camera do you use and which fish eye lens?
While watching your pics taken by fish lens, I alwasy get a desperate need to get one by my own ;)

Ana said...

Thanks, Andrej! :)
I do know about the waterfalls, but on this trip we simply didn't have enough time for them. There will be other opportunities. :)
I have a Canon 350D. As for the fish eye, I use Peleng 8 mm. It's quite soft, but I love the effect.

ogiddion said...

tvoje fotke me vedno zvabijo v naravo. soča bo definitivno kmalu na sporedu. :)
keep up the good work!

Ana said...

Hvala! A je bila Soča že na sporedu? ;)

bostopor said...

Tvoje fotke so raj za moje oči. Fotka s Kugy-jem pa zmaga.

Ana said...

Hvala! Ja, tale Kugy je kar fotogeničen, da o ozadju ne govorimo. ;)