13 January 2009

Winter sunset

Those few days on Rogla were really spectacular. The temperature rose from -14 degrees on the first day (hence the white, snow-laden trees!) to -2 on the third and fourth days, so some of the romantic winter atmosphere was gone after the snow on the trees had melted, but if you looked in the shady places, it was just as much a fairy-tale as on the first day!


zglavovnaravo said...

Mmmmm, zelo lepe, take tople, umirjene. Ma zakon je tale letošnja zima, se mi zdi, da smo brez nje kar malo izgubljeni.

ogiddion said...

lepe, kot ponavadi. :)

Ana said...

Aleš, hvala! Jaz sem čisto nora pri vsem tem snegu, najraje bi šla kar vsak dan kam fotkat. Če bi časovno zneslo, hehe ... :)

Hvala, Ogiddion!

Goro said...


luštne fotke, 9. pa mi je reees super. Kaj takega še nisem videl.

Digital Mundane said...

Wonderful blog and pictures!
This time, the picture with the golden light sifting through the slow-laden trees is my favorite.
(I wish we had snow here)
Waiting for your next post!

Ana said...

Thanks to both!
You might not have snow, but you do have deserts, which I love. ;)