10 May 2007

Tulips in Mozirski gaj

Well, not just tulips :), but they were the most beautiful.
Mozirski gaj is a flower park in the small town of Mozirje and is a great place to just walk around and enjoy the views or diverse flower beds. There's nothing much to add here really, except that I enjoyed playing with the fisheye and worm's eye view.

More photos can be found in my Photo Journal.


Curious said...

awesome photos. didn't get where are you from

digikl said...

Lepo! Všeč mi je tvoj Blog in Photo journal!

Ana said...

Thanks, curious! I'm from Slovenia, it's all in my profile! ;)

Digikl, hvala! :))

samo said...

Ja, lepe si naredila, ni kaj.

Ana said...

Hvala, Samo! Sem pogledala tvoj blog - imaš zanimive in odbite fotke. ;)