16 October 2008

Skiing in Mölltal

Just this past weekend I was lying on the beach, sunbathing and swimming in the sea, and two days later I spent one day skiing on the Mölltal glacier at about 3100 meters above sea level. Both places are within a three-hour drive from my home. :)

The main reason to go skiing was to test some skiing equipment. Despite the fickle weather and diffused light we managed to complete the test and were thrilled with the results.

More photos here.


andrejV said...

Why didn't you call me and asked me to go with you? I wouldn't hesitate at all...;) Ohh, I forgot, you don't have my number ;)
I've never been at Molltal although I like skiing very much...alpine... and touring also ;)
Do you like touring skiing also?

UrosG said...

Smučanje, mmmmm letos upam, da jo bom večkrat ubral po strminah. Lani le med tedenskim dopustom, kar je bilo občutno premalo. Koliko pa je karta, zdaj ko še ni sezona?

Ana said...

Andrej, nikoli nisem turno smucala. Mogoce bi kdaj poskusila, pa niti prave druzbe, ki bi se s tem ukvarjala, nisem imela. Sicer pa pravijo, da nikoli ni prepozno, a ne? :)

Uros, dnevna karta je 37€. Je kar ista cena za vso sezono. Se pa da kupiti tudi karte po urah.