29 October 2008

Belgrade and St. Sava

Today I'm posting just a few pics from Belgrade. I was there in mid September, but just for a few hours, and apart from walking down the main street I really only got the see one of Belgrade's biggest attractions - the orthodox church of St. Sava, which happens to be the largest orthodox church in the world that is still in use. Its dome is 70 meters high!


andrejV said...

All of your photos you ever have posted at your blog have very nice, warm and saturated colors...i like it...at your last post especially photos with nice red and yellow colors while dark colors are faded out so the pics get the "special effect" or "glow" of the bright colors.
I envy you ;)

Ana said...

Thanks! I prefer warm colors over the colder ones. And don't envy me, I just have my style and so do you! When are we going to see some South American photos? :D

andrejV said...

Hey Ana. Soon, I promise. Right now I'm working at Shanghai and at evenings when I dont have much to do, I completely fall in the folder with South American photos to dig out the best ones.
I must say, some of them are marvellous...so, keep wainting ;)