08 April 2007

Climbing Lubnik Hill

It would be a shame to stay in on a warm mid-March Sunday afternoon. I had climbed virtually all hills in the area and searched the map for a new destination. And Lubnik Hill fit the bill. At 1025 meters above sea level it makes for an easy and short hike, but the views from the top and fantastic nevertheless.

At the beginning of the hike, looking towards the Karavanke range: Mt. Stol on the left and Košuta range on the right:
Crocuses in all their glory:
All sins allowed above 1000 meters ;)
The hut at the top of Lubnik was swarming with hikers:
Looking up:
The views from the top are fantastic:
One more fish-eye shot on the way down:
After returning to the car, I drove around the area for a bit until dusk:
Mt. Lubnik in the background:
And I couldn't possibly miss a good opportunity to shoot some night photos with the spectacular Kamnik Alps in the background glowing in the blue hour. The plane was a bonus. :))

As usual, there are more photos to be seen, for those of you who are interested.


OLKI said...

Nice, lepa reportažica.

Kater fish pa uporabljaš? Firbec pač!

Ana said...

Hvala! Fisheye je pa Peleng 8mm. Super igračka! Imam z njim najbrž največ zabave od vseh objektivov.