14 March 2007

Skiing on Krvavec

This winter hasn't been the best for avid skiers. It's been too warm and by mid-March almost all Slovenian ski slopes are out of snow! Well, Krvavec still has some and I decided to take advantage of probably one of the last opportunities this winter to ski. I did manage to ski for six hours, the last of which was more like water-skiing :), but nevertheless, it was an enjoyable, sunny, glorious day!

In the morning, when the shadows were still long:
Don't you just love the blue shade of snow? :)
Even in the morning, the valley below was smoggy:
Layers of smog:
View of the ski runs:
Different kind of a pattern in the snow:
White and green:
Patches down below:
Woohoo, we're above Triglav!
Red and white:

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