04 September 2013

A little bit of California

I spent a month in the USA this summer; mostly for work, but I did take a one-week road trip from San Diego to San Francisco. I'm still processing the photos, and these are just a few teasers:

Crystal Pier in San Diego after sunset:
Crystal Pier in San Diego after sunset

Joshua Tree NP at sunrise:
Sunrise in Joshua Tree NP

Starry night at the surreal Salton Sea Beach:
Milky Way in Salton Sea Beach

Night surfers at Venice Beach:
Surfers after dusk in Venice Beach

Venice Beach:
Venice Beach

Big Sur:
Big Sur in late afternoon light

Wine country around Paso Robles:
Wine country around Paso Robles

San Francisco from Corona Heights Park:
View of San Francisco from Corona Heights Park

Hopefully the rest will follow soon. :)


Schmoo said...

WOW! These came out even better than I ever would have imagined, having been lucky enough to see a few in person. Your vision is incredible, as always, Ana!

stella said...

Tudi jaz bom rekla Wow.... in ljubo doma kdor ga ima... ker fotke iz Mengeša prekašajo vso tujo lepoto.

Ja povsod je lepo a najlepše doma.:))
pa čeprav radi pohajačimo.

Krasen blog!