22 November 2011

Escaping the fog again

Looking at my photos I see that central Slovenia has been covered with a layer of fog for three weeks! A bit of fog is fine and I love fog photos, but it gets old after a week. And with the days being so short now (sunset at 4.20 pm) it's hard to organize one's day to include an escape to higher altitudes.

I did escape the fog on Sunday. Kamniški vrh hill again, of course. It's close, it's high enough, it has beautiful views, and the 700-meter climb makes for some nice exercise.

On the pasture

A horse below Kamniški vrh hill

Sea of fog just before sunset

Last sun rays

The fog was actually getting higher

Slopes of Kamniški vrh hill


At the top of Kamniški vrh hill

Which way?

At dusk

And two days later the fog still persists. This is seriously depressing especially if you work the whole day and finish right when the night falls. :(


Chemfusion said...

Joj je lepo. A je naporna pot do gor? Bi zmogel tudi nekdo z ne preveč kondicije? :)

Ana said...

Napor je relativen. :) Vzpona je za 700 višincev, pot je delno položna, delno zelo strma. Zdaj pa računaj. :) So pa razgledi vredni truda, to pa ja.
Tudi z ne preveč kondicije prideš gor, samo malo dlje traja. ;)

Schmoo said...

I'm always floored by what you come up with. I'm sure that not every moment of this fog was as beautiful as what you posted, but you could have fooled me. ;)

Ana said...

Schmoo, thanks! In all honesty, these are just little hikes that I do and I don't pretend they yield photographic superlatives. I'm just happy if I bring home a couple of interesting pics. But believe me, looking down at the sea of fog IS beautiful! :)