12 October 2011

Two days of hiking around Mt. Krn

Our photo club organized (Jaka, to be exact) a two-day hike to Mt. Krn in the Julian Alps. Seven of us drove to the Lepena valley on a Friday afternoon and hiked to the hut at the Krn Lake. We just caught the last sun rays on Mr. Krn.
Krn Lake in the evening

The light was much better in the morning.
Krn Lake at sunrise

Mt. Krn was basking in the sun while we were still in the shade.
Mt. Krn in the early morning light

When we finally left the lake after more than an hour of shooting, the sun almost reached it.
Krn Lake in the morning

The trail ascends to a small plateau and then starts up a scree slope.
Hiking in the shade

After less than 2 hours Klemen and I were close to the top.
Almost at the top!

Views over the Julian Alps from the top of Mt. Krn (2244 meters above sea level). Mt. Triglav in the distance, and Krn Lake down below.
Views from Mt. Krn towards Mt. Triglav.

Layers of smog and Mt. Snežnik in the distance.
Layers of smog with Mt. Snežnik in the distance

At the top from the left: Jaka, Aleš, Bine, Klemen, Maja, Brane.
Members of our photo club

Aleš was the only one with a bright T-shirt which made for a nice foreground. :P
Aleš taking photos

The Soča valley to the north-west.
Soča valley

It was unusually warm for October 1 and on the way down we suffered great thirst...

...and we couldn't wait to take off our hiking shoes and soak our feet in the cold lake. And drink some beer. :)
Resting at the lake

One more look toward the lake and off we went back to the valley.
Krn Lake in the afternoon

Other club members took photos, too. Surprising since we are from a photo club, right? :) Have a look at the photos by Jaka and... wait, nobody else processed them yet. :P


Sašo said...

A bit of sarcasm at the end? :D

Nice pictures, especially first four.

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