13 May 2010

Velika planina in crocuses

Our mixed volleyball team spent a weekend in one of the huts on Velika planina on May 1st. We had a great time - mostly partying, yes ;) - but Jaka and I did manage to get up at 5.30 one morning to catch the sunrise. It wasn't as colorful as I had hoped but the patches of snow and crocuses made for nice photo ops.

The path from Zeleni rob was still very deep in snow.

Jaka in first sun rays.

Sweet morning light over Velika planina.

And crocuses everywhere! They were still closed after a cold night though.

I love the combination of snow patches and bright green grass.

Backlit trees.

Planjava and Ojstrica.

On the ridge.

A green path towards Ojstrica.

And then we were off to some more partying. ;)
More photos here.


Pika said...

Sem pogrešala Velko in tebe. Lepo se imej, Ana... in hvala spet za enkratne fotografije spomladanske Velke.

Izy said...

Bravo, lepe fotke. Drva je zmagovalna. Se kr trudš pohvalno.

Ana said...

Pika, jaz sem pa pogrešala tebe in tvoje komentarje. :) Lepo, da si spet tukaj.

Izy, hehe, hvala. ;)

Pika said...

Hvala, Ana. In še enkrat; fantastično pot in uživaj vsaki trenutek

Matej said...

Čudovito! Sploh slika z Planjavo in Ojstrico...

Ampak cerkvica je pa verjetno ena najbolj slikanih stvari na Veliki Planini:)