13 December 2009

Prague - Day 2

The second day of my Prague exploration - Saturday - was the longest in terms of distance we covered: Katka and I went on foot everywhere after getting to Vyšehrad by metro. We walked around and saw the walls, orchard and Church of St Peter and St Paul at Vyšehrad and enjoyed the wonderful views.

Panorama from the Vyšehrad walls.

Vyšehrad park and St Peter and St Paul church.

Views from the walls over Vltava and Prague were great, and the puffy clouds made for even better photos.

Prague Castle and Vltava bridges.

We descended to Vltava to the railway bridge...

... and walked along its banks towards the city center. Swans and ducks kept us company.

Soon those lovely puffy clouds turned into an ominous dark mass. Luckily, it didn't rain.

After climbing Petřín Hill Katka asked me if I wanted to see something extraordinary even though it wasn't a tourist attraction at all, and I was all for it, of course. And she took me to see the second largest stadium in the world! It's enormous! Its capacity is 220.000 spectators, but now it's not used for sport events anymore, only for trainings and pop concerts. What a sight indeed.

Dilapidated stands of the Great Strahov Stadium.

Then we headed to the observation tower, a 60-meter Eiffel tower replica offering spectacular views of Prague. It was so windy up there the camera almost flew from my hands.

Windy or not, the views were, again, spectacular. I know I'm repeating myself, but it's true. :))

Charles Bridge.

From Petřín Hill we walked to Prague Castle and caught the late afternoon light.

The smallest house in Prague in one of the old town streets, Nový svét. :)

I chose a location close to Charles Bridge for the blue hour photo session.

Along Vltava.

When the lights on the castle and bridge came on, the sight was quite pretty.

It got darker (and colder!) soon.

The Vltava weir, Charles Bridge and Prague Castle.

Last shot of Charles Bridge and we were almost frozen. Warm restaurant and tea, here we come!

There are more photos in my Photo Journal.
To be continued...


Pika said...

Zelo lepe fotografije. Sem se kar sprehodila po Pragi še enkrat. A veš, da sem zapela eno pesmico v nekem jazz klubu? In nam prislužila zastonj pijačko. Ne vem, zakaj sem se ravno zdaj to spomnila... lepo je bilo, res lepo, v Pragi lani...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful... I remember the observation tower. I was scared it would fall apart any minute! Obviously 11 years later, it is still there :-)

Trudy, Canada

Ana said...

Pika, bravo za petje! :)

Trudy, thanks, the elevator in the observation tower was broken so we had to climb the stairs all the way up to the viewing deck. With the wind it did feel a bit insecure. ;)

Marko said...

Moram pohvalit...zelo lepe slike!

Ana said...

Hvala, Marko!