14 December 2007

Zbilje Lake and Jamnik

On November 1 the weather was glorious - sunny and warm. It was All Saints' Day, but it would almost be a sin to only visit the local cemetery so I decided to go and take a few photos of the fall foliage.
First I drove to Zbilje Lake, which glistened yellow and orange.

After driving around for a while I ended up on Jamnik, a hill rising above the town of Kropa which has spectacular views of Gorenjska, the Kamnik Alps and the Karavanke range. And the chapel there is very photogenic too. :)

More photos here.


Matjaž Merčnik said...

Tokrat pogrešam širokokotne fotografije, katere me še posebej navdušujejo na tvojem blogu.

Ana said...

Ko se človek enkrat navadi na 8 mm, potem 18 mm kar naenkrat ni več dovolj široko, a ne? :))) Se moram kar strinjati. Nekaj fotk s fisheyem sicer imam, ampak vidim, da jih res nisem dala v ta prispevek. So pa na moji strani (Photo Journal).

Anonymous said...

I shall be in Slovenia again in late October and only hope I can get views as glorious as these. You have a wonderful eye.

Claire Carter