25 July 2007


The whole Slovenia was taking photos last night when after a long heat wave relief came in the form of dark clouds, rain storms and, finally, rainbows all over the place.
At first I didn't notice what was going on outside, but when I did look out the window, it left me speechless. The light was phenomenal, yellowish, then pink and orange. I was too late to go out and drive somewhere with a nice foreground, so I just took a few photos from my apartment window.


Bine said...

Všeč so mi tvoje pokrajinske ... Celoten blog je super! Sem si ga dovolil dodati med povezave na svojem blogu :)

sekundek said...

Slučajno sem uletel na tale blog in ker je ura pozna bom jutri preveril. Ampak na prvi pogled suuuuper.

Ana said...

Hvala obema! :)