25 January 2007

Last winter's snow

This winter is weird. Warm temperatures, no snow ... it sucks. I mean, it's nice to walk around in a light jacket instead of three sweaters, a thick coat and gloves. And I certainly don't miss slush. But such weather is clearly an indication that there's something seriously wrong with our planet.
To end the rant, we had our first snow today, yay! It's so nice to wake up to the whiteness outside. I can't wait to go out and take some photos this weekend. In the mean time, some snowy piccies from last winter will have to do.

These were taken in a span of maybe one or two hours. The light changed so quickly! From grey to blue to violet to orange. It was unbelieveable! It was also quite cold and I got wet from trudging through the snow. It was all worth it though. ;)
The rest of the photos are here.

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