21 January 2007

Hiking in the Košuta area

It only took me four months to post-process photos from a hike I did last fall. :)
On a sunny September day, I decided to climb a few peaks in the Košuta mountain range above Tržič. Early in the morning I drove to Planina Šija:

On my way to the first peak, Kofce gora, I noticed how smoggy the valley was, even though it looked like it was sunny:

From the top, the trees looked so tiny:

My heart was singing and I kept stopping to take more photos:

A different panoramic view from the top ;)

Among the rocks, small red plants basked in the sun:

There are areas of the grassy slopes that are covered with heather:

The trail continues on the crest to Košutnikov turn, but I had to head back to the valley and home:

The hike was exhilarating! Breathtaking views all around and hardly any people around, which is great if you like solitude in the mountains - I know I do. Highly recommended!
The trip is described in more detail and with more photos here.


Aljo said...

Lepo, zelo lepo. Občodujem tvoj fotoblog!

LP, Aljaž

Ana said...

Hvala, Aljaž! :)

OLKI said...

Kaj sploh napisati...?

Že od nekdaj si znala...

huh, lep izbor fotografij na blogu!

lenyn said...

še enkrat.
kapo dol.

Ana said...

Jure, hvala! Tudi tvoj blog ni od muh. V vsakem primeru pa pomaga, če človek rad hodi v hribe, ki so itak po defaultu fotogenični, a ne? :)

Ana said...

Lenyn, hvala, se trudimo! Samo še malo hitreje moram zalaufat postprodukcijo, pa bo, hehe ...