06 February 2012

Snowy Kamnik

Snow at last! This winter had been exceptionally dry - with the exception of some heavy rain! But no snow... until yesterday. Only a few centimeters in Kamnik, but it was enough to blanket the town in soft whiteness, so in the afternoon, after work, I headed out for a quick spin around town to take a few shots.

First I went up the Šutna street...
Šutna street

... past the Church of Our Lady.
Šutna street and the Church of Our Lady

Love those roofs.
Šutna street roofs

Then I climbed the Mali grad hill.
From the path leading up to the Mali grad hill

Mali grad chapel with the Stari grad hill in the background - the hill with great views that I climb often.
Mali grad chapel and the Stari grad hill in the background

Kamnik was at my feet.
Kamnik from the Mali grad hill; the Kamnik Alps in the background.

The Franciscan church with one of my favorite hiking hills in the distance - Kamniški vrh.
Franciscan monastery and my favorite hill in the background - Kamniški vrh

Mali grad courtyard and castle.
Mali grad castle

Mali grad chapel and castle.
Mali grad chapel and castle

A narrow Kamnik street.
Kamnik streets

Returning from the Mali grad hill I looked down the Šutna street toward the setting sun.

Then I climbed the Žale hill and took this photo from above the Kamnik train station looking toward Zaprice castle.
Kamnik train station and Zaprice Castle

Zaprice castle up close.
Zaprice Castle

The Franciscan church and monastery from the Žale hill.
Views of Kamnik from Žale

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Martina said...

Vedno je užitek pogledati tvoj album... super fotke...se mi zdi, da si v svoj objektiv ujela vso pravljičnost Kamnika :)