15 January 2012

Views from Stari grad on a windy January afternoon

I climbed Stari grad above Kamnik yesterday after a long abstinence from any hiking. It felt so good! Due to the cold and windy weather my fingers almost froze off while I was taking photos at the top, but the views made up for it.

Is this winter?? Where is the snow? Come on, it's the middle of January. I want snow!
Path through the woods to the top of Stari grad

This is the view from the top towards the Kamnik Alps:
View towards the Kamnik Alps from the Stari grad hill

Views of Kamnik

You can sort of see my house from here. :)

My favorite "training" hill, Kamniški vrh, was glowing red in the late afternoon light:
View towards the Kamnik Alps from the Stari grad hill; Kamniški vrh in the foreground

Mt. Brana and Mt. Planjava, as well as the clouds, turned orange-pink as the sunset was approaching.
View towards the Kamnik Alps (Mt. Brana and Mt. Planjava) from the Stari grad hill

Then the sun was almost gone:
View towards the Kamnik Alps from the Stari grad hill

Mt. Triglav and the Julian Alps in the distance:
Mt. Triglav in the distance

Stari grad castle ruins and the after sunset sky:
Stari grad castle after sunset

Even after running all the way down the steep trail back to Kamnik my fingers didn't thaw. I really need to bring my gloves next time. :)

Oh, and all these photos were taken with my new compact camera, Canon Powershot S100, fitted with a polarizing filter. Around 200 grams altogether, heh. It was strange to go on a hike with so little weight. :)


Sašo said...

I guess we are the only ones who are desperate for some snow :))

Let's hope next week happens :) You changed S100 for your SLR or just temporary?

Jošt Gantar said...

Bravo, te moram pohvaliti za super fotografije, slučajno sem naletel na tole stran in sem se kar zavisel na njej. Skratka res pohvalno!

Seamus said...

A živiš v gajbcah? ;)

Ana said...

Sašo, changed?? :P Blasphemy! :))) Nah, I am just enjoying having a small yet capable compact with me on short hikes (and skiing!).

Jošt, hvala! :)

Seamus, haha, a tudi tako se jim reče? Ne, ne živim v gajbicah, ampak čisto zraven njih. ;) Najbrž sva soseda?

seamus said...

Reče se jim vse sorte. Mislm ljudje imajo preveč časa - kremšnite, gajbice, kletke ipd.

Mi se imamo super :D
In če si čisto zravn, potem sva soseda 8) .