12 September 2011

America's national parks

As some of you probably know, I spent three weeks in August in the USA. Partly for work - meeting my employers and coworkers at the SmugMug retreat in Jackson Hole - and partly for pleasure, the whole trip was all about photography and visiting (mostly) national parks. Starting in San Francisco, I made my way to Yosemite and then across Nevada to Jackson Hole, Wyoming where I spent a week working and sightseeing Grant Teton and Yellowstone national parks. The last 9 days were a crazy landscape photography tour of Washington and Oregon states with my friend Ron. Check out his gorgeous photos! More about the crazy adventures with him - like getting up at ungodly hours for the sunrise every single day AND being rewarded with great light - in the next posts. :)

While I'm far from having my photos selected and post-processed, here are a few teasers:

Sunrise in the Grand Teton NP:
Sunrise in the Grand Teton NP

Rolling hils of the Palouse:

The Palouse:

Reflection of Mt. Rainier in Tipsoo Lake at sunrise:
The changing colors at Mt. Rainier from Tipsoo Lake around sunrise

Mt. Rainier and wild flowers:
Mt. Rainier at sunrise

Crazy sunset colors at Ruby Beach:
Ruby Beach after sunset

Be patient! Or check my galleries occasionally to see if there are any new uploads. ;)


Sašo said...


Lepe, vse od prve do zadnje. As južvali.

Anonymous said...

Ana, hvala bogu zate. Sedaj lahko, kar nikoli ne bi drugače. Vidim lepoto sveta, kot jo vidijo tvoje oči skozi oči fotoaparata. Hvala.


Ana said...

Sašo, a veš, kako je bilo fajn? :)

Pika, nikoli ne reci nikoli. ;)

Bostjan85 said...

prekrasno,v živo je moralo bit še lepše