10 April 2011

Spring skiing on Rogla and Krvavec

The abnormal temperatures in the past week have caused for the last snowy slopes to melt. Up to 26 degrees C at lower altitudes! I still tried my luck skiing, first on Rogla, and on Krvavec a few days later. The skiing was quite good on Rogla until 11 a.m., but Krvavec was already disastrous at 8 a.m. The snow, what was left of it, was so soft and slushy it was impossible to ski. Well, at least we got some fresh air. :)

Sunny slopes of Rogla:

Going up with the T-bar was ridiculous. :)

Krvavec last Friday:

The mountain is covered with hellebores. Spring is definitely here.

Views of the Ljubljana basin from Ambrož:

The skiing season may not be completely over for me though. :)


Sašo said...

It feels like you have dirty sensor, if you look long enough at these melting snow pictures. :) But again, very nice!

Ana said...

Haha, Sašo, thanks, I think. :p The in-between stage is really a sad sight - half snow, half mud. :(