29 June 2007

Storm approaching

Every photographer strives to capture what moves them the most in photography. For me, it's the beauty of landscapes in magical and dramatic light. And often, I don't have to venture far from home. Mostly I just wait for the right weather, the right time, the right light.
These are the photos from one sunny May afternoon with white puffy clouds that turned into dark, ominous masses hovering above fields.

A few more photos can be found here.


Matjaž Merčnik said...

Great landscapes. I like your photos.

Ana said...

Hvala! :)

Jannik Lindquist said...

Overwhelmingly beautiful shots, Ana! And a very attractive blog in general. In fact, you inspired me to change my stylesheet to fit better with the style I use at my prefered online photo service. Thank you! I have put a link to you on my blog :-)

world :: within said...

Tudi sam sm prvič tukaj in.. isto velja zate, super fotke - sploh prvi dve sta mi takoj v oči padli! :) Lp+